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Hi, so nice to meet you!

I’m Ciku Nyawira. I’m a Kenyan, Nairobi-based wedding & lifestyle photographer with a passionate heart for shooting people and love stories for over 5 years! I love sunsets, travel, wine and motherhood!

Ciku beautifully captures people’s emotions and the overall feeling of a day. Her images are warm, soft, and intimate and are testament to how she approaches photography with compassion and kindness, putting people instantly at ease. She captured two very special chapters for our family: our wedding in Nanyuki, and time at home in Nairobi when I was six months pregnant with our first child. They are images that will be cherished forever and we are so thankful to have met Ciku, both professionally and personally.

Crystal & Tom

Message Feedback From Clients

We love all of them!!! We loved working with you - thank you so much! And thank you for being patient in the group shots - I know Ale got a bit frustrated and hurried you guys when family shots got complicated. But you were so professional and accommodating and calm and helped us. THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!!

-Hannah & Ale

Do you know I just prayed about these pics. I asked God to make them fabulous. And then literally an hour later you share ♥️♥️ Even Kamau was so impressed. He kept saying how talented you are. I love my pics honestly...

- Kamau & Wairimu

Ohhhh little love! Honestly, you were fab! Thank you! I know we were a tough bunch but do know I love photos ahah so you will see us again haha! You're sooo talented!!!

-Millie & David

I have a complicated relationship with my body but seriously, thank you so much for these. I look beautiful and I haven't felt really confident about my body for a very long time. Thanks for giving a little bit of that back to me.

-Mhairi & James

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